The Best Dental X-ray Processor…Period


Why? Here is why:  (pictured is the newest model with two separate reaction tanks that can run in staggered but concurrent cycles)

1. No internal wearable moving parts: Other than the dryers, there are virtually no moving parts that wear over time. Transport mechanisms will not have to be replaced. .

2. Time Tested Components: All functioning parts have been successfully tested and operated over millions of cycles in millions of other appliances.

3. Processes All Film Sizes: 8″ x 10″ cephalometric, 12”X5” and 12”X6”panoramic, occlusal and all standard intra-oral film; with beautiful results.

Press the lower left arrow to view the video.

4. Immediate Feeding of Film: All films feed in immediately. No waiting 45 seconds with extra-oral film as is the case in current roller models. Small films feed in instantly. No waiting 45 seconds as with some current small film developers. Will develop panoramic film with up to four individual films at the same time. Will process up to 48 films in about 10 minutes.

5. Rollerless and Trackless: No tracks or mechanisms to jam, scratch, or lose the film. No tracks or rollers to clean and scrub. Nothing touches the film.

6. Near Zero Maintenance: Virtually maintenance free. Much like a modern self-cleaning oven, the developer completely washes itself out. Just touch the “WASH TANKS” key on the control panel, and follow the prompts on the digital display. Versus 30 to 45 minutes per week for roller developers.

7. Immediate Viewing: of endo/emergency film through the use of the Freedom PreviewCam option. No other film processor in the world has this option.

8. Films are Always Accessible: for “endo” and emergency viewing. The film can still be replaced in the tank for completed processing yielding archival film.

9. Cost Effective: Because of the unbelievable efficiency this unit provides, dentists will utilize full mouth films in a timelier manner. Because of this fact, and the near zero maintenance, the unit should pay for itself in a very short time.

10. Instructive Display: The Freedom has a digital readout, which tells the operator the exact status of each cycle. It also instructs the operator what to do when changing chemicals, and starting the “wash tanks” cycle, refilling, etc.

11. Auto Replenishing: The replenishing system “spritzes” a little developer and fix into the storage tanks on each cycle. And, the replenishing system will always keep the chemicals in the storage tanks at a perfect level. All the operator has to do is make sure the replenisher bottles have chemical in them.

12. Two reaction tanks: can run concurrently, unlike the DXSS. Can process 48 films in 10 minutes.

13. Chemicals are never poured. When filling, the chemicals are vacuumed into the storage tanks. When doing a wash cycle, push a key to remove chemicals automatically

14. Patient /assistant identified cassettes hold film so no patient mix-ups.

15. Audible Signal at End of Cycle: Operators can leave to do other functions. The Freedom will give an audible signal when the cycle is completed, much like a microwave oven. This feature actually gives the Freedom a far shorter “real time” cycle than any roller processor on the market. There is also a signal when an “endo” read is ready.

16. Identity, Order, and Orientation: The cassettes, which are patient identified, hold the film in proper order and orientation. Full mouth films can be “no look mounted” in about 30 seconds, error free, as opposed to current developing processors that use the “jigsaw puzzle technique” which takes over five minutes, and may produce many errors

17. You Can Develop Films on the Weekend: Due to the fact that this processor will never be taken apart for maintenance and “drying of rollers”, you will never have to hand dip during weekend emergencies.

The Freedom has been purchased by many dentists, and has processed millions of films. It has a proven track record. No other film processor can come close to having the advantages of the Freedom.

If you would like to see the story of how this processor was invented, designed, and brought to market, go to:

Dr. Blume also invented a radiographic viewer that can display images on an intra-oral camera monitor or computer monitor. The following video is DigiScan:

10 responses to “The Best Dental X-ray Processor…Period

    • Thanks for the inquiry. Yes, it is the best by far. If you read the features you can see why. And I don’t see how it can be topped. BUT, sorry, it isn’t currently on the market. Long story. If you are interested, If things change, I well let you know.

  1. Hello: I need specifications for use in my University, for continuous use in Periodontic Department of Postgrade.

    • Hi
      Thanks for the interest. Freedom is not currently being manufactured. If things change, I will let you know.

  2. hi, was looking at your xray machine, is it still not for sale? Would like more information if it ever come avalable, Thank you
    Dr TW Westfall

    • Thanks for the request. It’s an incredible machine. Many rollers processors are still being sold, but companies are leery of a new machine because of digital. I had the processor with J Morita for a while, but we didn’t see eye to eye, and they crashed. So, no go as of now. If that changes, I will let you know.

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